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Energy & Resources

The Cohen Group (TCG) advises and assists a variety of operators and investors in the energy, mining, agriculture and other natural resource sectors, including producers, processors, distributors, and traders.

With a team comprised of cabinet, senior subcabinet, civil service, and business professionals from the US, Europe, East Asia, South Asia, and Australia with deep experience on every continent, TCG has the expertise to assist in a wide range of situations globally. Our team's prior public sector experience ranges from negotiating civil nuclear and other international energy agreements to promoting international agricultural exports, while our team's prior private sector experience ranges from overseeing large upstream oil and gas projects in Russia to managing fuel distribution regulatory issues in China.

Energy and Petrochemical Industries

TCG clients have included oil producers, energy traders, power producers, oilfield service providers, renewable energy and energy advisory firms from the US, UK, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

  • Assisted a Saudi petrochemical firm to win two multi-billion dollar projects in the Western Hemisphere.
  • Assisted a leading solar power firm to identify and pursue opportunities in the US, Latin America, and the Middle East.
  • Advised large international oil company on strategy around the world and assist on high-value projects.
  • Resolved regulatory issues to open a logistics hub in Central Africa to support oil industry operations.
  • Assisted a US oil services firm to acquire a Chinese manufacturer and to address political and regulatory issues in the US, Africa, Latin America, Russia, and Asia.
  • Resolved regulatory hurdles in Central Europe for a large European oil producer and energy trading firm, and established their relationships with US officials and LNG firm executives.
  • Assisted in establishing an energy investment fund focused on electric transportation and solar power.

Other Extractive Resource Industries

TCG assists extractive industry firms to pursue opportunities and address political, regulatory, and other issues around the world. We also advise investors on geopolitical events and regulatory processes globally, assessing world events that affect metals, mining, forestry, and other natural resource markets; political developments that create business risks or opportunities; and prospects for regulatory review of mergers.

  • Assisted a US firm to secure an $11 billion mining and processing project in Saudi Arabia in a joint venture with a Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources-affiliated entity, identified and vetted potential private sector Saudi equity partners in the project, and managed US political issues regarding the project.
  • Advise South Asian owner of US mining operation on US legal, regulatory, and political issues.
  • Assisted the US owner of an Andean mining/smelting operator on political, legal and regulatory issues, including dealing directly with senior foreign and US officials and advising on labor and media relations.
  • Advised US hedge fund on forestry and mining regulatory issues in Africa, Latin America, and Asia.
  • Advised US hedge fund focused on foreign political, legal and regulatory developments affecting oil, copper, and other commodity markets in Zambia and Zimbabwe.
  • Assisted multiple security firms in securing contracts and regulatory approvals to provide security to oil, gas, mining and other operations in Southwest Asia, Latin America, North Africa and elsewhere.

Agriculture and Food Industries

TCG has supported US, European, Asian and Australian agricultural producers and marketers to promote their products and address regulatory and other issues in the US, India, China, and other markets.

  • Assisted a US producer to make the first-ever foreign sales to China of a particular agricultural commodity and to substantially grow its sales in China over time.
  • Assisted a nutraceutical firm in the Chinese and Russian markets by negotiating regulations, building stakeholder relationships, and helping to grow annual revenue in these markets to five billion dollars.
  • Advised a Canadian fertilizer firm on political risks and strategy for major Middle East investments.
  • Assisted a developer of GMO seeds in addressing national and state regulatory issues in India.
  • Assisted a US food packaging firm with its strategy and business development in India and Brazil.
  • Assisted an Australian producer/marketer of dairy products with policy, legislative, and regulatory issues.

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