Although the challenges are great, the benefits of globalization, free markets and democracy are arriving in the Middle East. Global firms prepared to pursue these opportunities will need patience and a strategic plan. The Cohen Group can help provide both.

Regional Expertise

Middle East, GCC Countries

The Cohen Group (TCG) is very active across the Middle East and North Africa, with a market-driven emphasis on Saudi Arabia, UAE and other countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Our team has extensive experience over many decades working with GCC leaders, including as US Ambassador to UAE; President of the US-UAE Business Council; and Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Under and Assistant Secretaries in three US cabinet departments directly managing US diplomacy, security and other relations with the GCC.

At TCG, we develop and help to execute growth strategies for firms in multiple sectors, assisting US, GCC, European, and Asian firms to create and pursue opportunities in the region and helping GCC firms to go global.

Some of our activities in the region for clients in recent years have included:

Business Development

  • Assisted a US firm to secure an $11 billion Saudi industrial project involving in a joint venture with an off-shoot of the Saudi Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources.
  • Assisted a US construction firm to win contracts in Saudi Arabia from leading local firms.
  • Assisted Saudi Arabia's largest public company to win multi-billion dollar projects in Latin America.
  • Assisted a US-Saudi-UAE joint venture to win a multi-billion dollar services contract in Kuwait.
  • Assisted a Canadian firm to secure a contract worth over $10 billion with Saudi Arabia.
  • Assisted a European advanced materials firm to secure a significant contract with the UAE Armed Forces.

Partnership Development

  • Assisted multiple US financial institutions to develop relationships with asset management, investment and asset recovery institutions in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Israel, Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt.
  • For a US financial firm, vetted potential Saudi venture partners and Saudi investors in the firm's fund.
  • Assisted a leading US health care institution to establish and build a hospital in a GCC country, providing strategic advice, building our client's relationships with senior officials and its local venture partner, assisting in recruitment of staff to work in-country, and overcoming challenges that arose.
  • Assisted a UAE firm to establish partnerships with several US firms and win substantial UAE contracts.
  • For a Saudi conglomerate, conducted a feasibility study of a gas transmission pipeline from the region to Europe, evaluating alternative routes and initiating discussions with government officials in the region.
  • Supported a US railroad manufacturer with sales and investment strategy in Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Egypt.

Strategy, Policy and Regulatory

  • Advised a Canadian firm on political and regulatory issues regarding multi-billion dollar investments in the region and possible joint ventures with GCC financial institutions.
  • Advised a global IT firm on national policies and regulations in the region, assisted its UAE-based subsidiary that services the region, and introduced its senior executives to policy makers in the region.
  • Assisted a global professional services firm to refine its strategy for the region, open offices and establish a brand in Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries, and build relationships with public sector officials.
  • Advised aerospace and defense firms on strategies for sales and local investment, developed business intelligence on the market, and assisted in building relationships with policy makers.
  • Assisted a US health insurer to develop and implement a strategy to enter and grow in GCC markets.

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