India is one of the world's great emerging markets. The nation's commitment to democracy, economic development, and poverty reduction offers opportunities for international firms to succeed in business in India and for Indian firms to increase their commitments in the United States, and around the globe.

Regional Expertise


The Cohen Group (TCG) has a robust India practice, with a highly integrated team based in New Delhi and the US that assists clients to penetrate and grow in a market that presents many opportunities and challenges. TCG also works with leading Indian firms in the IT, telecom, manufacturing, transportation, aerospace, defense, energy, and other sectors to help them to succeed globally.

TCG provides clients with strategic advice and practical assistance, building on decades of experience our team members have in government and US and Indian industry. TCG members played leading roles in the US government promoting the strategic and commercial relationship with India, working closely with Indian government leaders, parliamentarians, civil society, media and others who shape Indian policies. TCG members have been executives in US and Indian firms and leaders of US and Indian trade associations.

Examples of TCG support in India on behalf of clients, and for Indian clients expanding globally, include:

Government Relations and Regulation

  • For a solar energy-related client, established dialogue with leadership in multiple ministries, numerous state governments, leading Indian power companies, and Indian industry associations.
  • Assisted a financial services firm to gain Indian national government support for legislation to correct regulatory actions by an Indian state government that harmed our client's customers in India.
  • Helped to found and staff the Asia Internet Coalition to shape policies affecting the digital economy.
  • Assisted a range of US firms in addressing regulatory issues at the national and state level in India.

Market Entry and Growth Strategy

  • Assisted aerospace, technology, heavy equipment, and other firms to enter the Indian market, providing strategy, policy, and regulatory assistance.
  • For a global IT company, reshaped their messaging and targets and originated sales worth millions.
  • Redirected a client's strategic plan after TCG determined that it would be rejected by Indian regulators, allowing the client to avoid costly litigation and to maintain its strong reputation in country.

Strategic Relationships with Indian Partners

  • Facilitated and managed the introduction of major US aerospace, technology, defense, packaging OEMs to Indian conglomerates, resulting in the successful establishment of multiple joint ventures.
  • Assisted a leading global professional services firm to develop local partner relationships in India.

Helping Indian Firms to Go Global

  • Assisted the global expansion of leading private Indian firms in IT, manufacturing, aerospace, energy, automotive, chemicals, and telecommunications sectors with strategic advice, relationship building, due diligence, regulatory, and business development in the US, Europe and elsewhere.
  • Facilitated joint venture and other partnerships between Indian industrial clients and Western firms resulting in new manufacturing operations in India in aerospace, technology, defense and other sectors.
  • Supporting branding, partnerships, business development, and regulatory approval in the US for Indian clients in ground vehicle and aircraft manufacturing, engineering services, IT, telecom, and other sectors.

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