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The Cohen Group (TCG) provides advice and assistance to biotechnology, biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical firms, with particular emphasis on matters involving the public sector in the US and abroad.

Protecting America and other countries from natural or man-made biological threats is a critical task for the 21st Century. The Cohen Group is assisting firms with bio-technical expertise to contribute to this all-important effort.

TCG's work in this sector builds on our depth of knowledge in biodefense and homeland security programs and our extensive experience in working with political and regulatory authorities at home and overseas. For example, the Defense Department operates one of the largest health care systems in the world and has long been a leader in fields ranging from disease prevention and control to applying IT to health records.

Secretary William Cohen's involvement with biodefense and public health efforts spans more than a quarter century, beginning with his leadership on the Senate Armed Services Committee and chairmanship of the Senate Aging Committee, as well as his leadership of public policy groups at Johns Hopkins University and other think tanks. As Secretary of Defense, Secretary Cohen and his team launched vital initiatives to modernize the full spectrum of US and allied health and biodefense policies, programs, and equipment and focused global attention on the risk of pandemics and the need for international collaboration to prevent and respond to such threats.

TCG assists firms in working with US and foreign government authorities on matters ranging from standard setting to government funding to bringing products toward market application. Services include assistance in addressing specific regulatory and political issues, working with public sector authorities on program development, marketing to the public sector, obtaining research funds, entering and expanding in international markets.

TCG works with firms - ranging from extremely large corporations with global presence to venture capital-funded start-ups with innovative offerings - involved with vaccine, antibacterial and other preventives and treatments, as well as firms with leading-edge equipment for detection and analysis in laboratory, clinical and field environments.

The TCG biotech/pharma team includes Secretary Cohen; Admiral Loy, former Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security; Christine Vick; Cameron Turley; and Shouqing Zhang.

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