Case Studies

Helping a Subcontractor Become a Prime

The Client’s Challenge: 
A major corporation that traditionally worked as a subcontractor in the public sector came to The Cohen Group (TCG) in order to reposition itself as a major government contractor in its space.  The firm’s major challenge was that despite being successful in the commercial sector, it lacked the government profile and contracting expertise to credibly compete for major government contracts as a prime.

TCG Strategy:  
TCG worked with the firm to define the space in which it wanted to compete, assessed its existing lines of business in both the public and private sectors, and identified the services the federal government required in the short and medium-term whose needs the client could fill.   

TCG worked with the client to craft and then implement a strategic plan that:

  • identified the federal agencies and key officials whose current and emerging requirements the client could ably fulfill;
  • explained the agencies’ current and developing policies and strategic direction that might provide opportunities for the client;
  • helped the client demonstrate to the government its innovative approach to solving longstanding security challenges; and
  • recommended effective messages the client could bring to the agencies in order to enhance its profile and offerings.

Over the course of 18 months, the client effectively implemented the strategic plan developed by TCG to present itself as a strong partner in the federal marketplace; in return, the client secured several contracts as a prime contractor valued at tens of millions of dollars.

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