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The Cohen Group (TCG) assists clients to navigate the political and business landscape in Latin America.
Secretary Cohen and TCG principals have developed and maintain strong ties with political, business, military, and media officials throughout Latin America that can help to accomplish client business objectives in the region. Our understanding of and relationships in the region have enabled TCG to assist numerous firms in the U.S., Spain and elsewhere in Europe that have business interests in Latin America.
Latin America's unique history has given a special character to the nexus between security and economic realms. The democratic leaders of major Latin American countries welcomed Secretary Cohen's normalizing security relationships with the region shortly after he took office as Secretary of Defense.
Secretary Cohen and other TCG principals have experience working with senior officials in Latin America, although their focus has been on the Southern Cone (Argentina, Brazil, Chile); the Andean countries (especially Colombia and Venezuela); Mexico; and Central America. Several TCG principals have worked directly with cabinet-level officials in the region.
Secretary Cohen has maintained relationships with senior officials across the region. During a recent visit to Brazil, he met several Brazilian cabinet members, parliamentary leaders, and other government officials; was the featured speaker at a Sao Paulo business conference; participated in a day-long session with Members of the Chamber of Deputies; held in-depth meetings with Brazilian business leaders in the energy and power, telecom, property development, and investment fields; was profiled in Mercato Gazetta, the leading business newspaper in Brazil; and received extensive coverage in other media.
Ambassador Craig Kelly retired from the State Department in 2010 after over 25 years of service overseas and in Washington. As Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, he was "chief operating officer" for policy and management in 34 countries from Canada to Chile. Ambassador Kelly focused heavily on economic and commercial relations in the region, and teamed with another senior official to negotiate the "Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas" program, a trade and development initiative involving 14 countries.
Ambassador Kelly served as troubleshooter in several crises in the hemisphere, including during the aftermath of the coup in Honduras, where he had a lead role in brokering the accord that led to resolution of the crisis. He led the biannual migration talks with Cuba, and in February 2010 became the highest-level U.S. official in 15 years to visit Havana, where he met with leaders of civil society as well as the government. In addition, from 2004 to 2007, Kelly served as U.S. Ambassador to Chile, where he was an active proponent of U.S. business, bilateral trade and investment and intellectual property rights.
Gen. Joseph W. Ralston worked with military and political leaders as Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and NATO Supreme Allied Commander, leading NATO military operations in which Latin American countries participated.
Lord Robertson developed ties in the region as UK Defence Minister, further developed them as NATO Secretary General, and continues to do so in his role as Executive Vice Chairman of Cable & Wireless with responsibility for the region.
James M. Bodner served on the U.S.-Mexico High-Level Contact Group, oversaw cabinet-level bilateral working groups with Chile, Colombia, and Mexico, and worked with cabinet members in Venezuela and other countries in the region.