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Danny Sebright Danny E. Sebright
Senior Advisor

Danny E. Sebright joined The Cohen Group in February, 2002, serving until recently as Vice President responsible for pursuing many of the firm’s international activities. Mr. Sebright now leads The Cohen Group efforts in the Middle East and serves concurrently as the President of the U.S.-U.A.E. Business Council.

Previously, Mr. Sebright served as the Defense Department’s Director of the Policy Executive Secretariat for the global war on terrorism from September 2001 until January of 2002, leading a team responsible for tracking Defense Department and military actions related to the war on terrorism. He oversaw in large part Operation ENDURING FREEDOM in Afghanistan and Operation NOBLE EAGLE, the defense of the U.S. homeland in that capacity and was awarded the Defense Exceptional Civilian Service Award for his services during this time.

Mr. Sebright also served in the Office of the Under Secretary for Policy at DoD from 1995-2001, representing Department of Defense positions with other executive-branch policy offices. He conducted bilateral negotiations with foreign officials, including providing the Defense Department policy perspective on the Middle East Peace Process, regional arms sales, and counter-proliferation initiatives. Mr. Sebright cultivated extensive contacts with U.S. and foreign defense industry officials to coordinate and implement DoD weapons sales to Israel and many countries in the Middle East. Mr. Sebright received the Paul H. Nitze Award for Excellence in International Security Policy for his work on the Middle East Peace Process.

Mr. Sebright began his career in government in 1985 with the Defense Intelligence Agency and has lived and worked overseas extensively, conducting intelligence liaison with senior foreign government officials on behalf of his agency. Mr. Sebright was sponsored by the Defense Department at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University where he completed a year-long Mid-Career Master’s Degree in Public Administration in June of 2001. He earned his BA in International Affairs from the George Washington University in 1984 and completed the coursework for a Masters in National Security Policy in 1988. Mr. Sebright speaks conversational French and basic German, Russian, Chinese, and Hebrew.

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