Advice and Assistance-Strategic advice to corporate leadership and hands-on assistance in marketing, regulatory affairs and related matters. These advisory services include:
  • Providing business and political insights on developments and trends that could affect the client, giving the client a competitive advantage in exploiting opportunities and avoiding pitfalls.
  • Identifying and assessing potential markets and analyzing the political, legal, and regulatory factors that will affect the client's ability to successfully enter and operate in the market.
  • Opening and sustaining lines of communication with political, business, and financial leaders who could affect the client's success in the market, and assisting the client to build and enhance its own network of relationships in the market.
  • Hands on assistance with business development to grow revenue and profits, working closely with the client's team to identify and actively pursue opportunities.
Transactions-deal sourcing and capital raising activities through all stages to successful deal closure. These transactional services include:
  • Working with clients seeking acquisition targets, strategic partners or divestiture opportunities by identifying attractive purchase targets or potential buyers.
  • Conducting thorough company due diligence, providing in-depth analysis of the company's competitive strengths within the market in question, drawing upon The Cohen Group's strong knowledge base and wealth of contacts in many sectors.